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About PROA

Investment Philosophy

PROA Wealth Management’s philosophy emphasizes Capital Preservation through an investment strategy called PROActive Investing™. It is founded on the principle that Tactical Asset Allocation can help mitigate risk. Also, it looks for growth opportunities when economic conditions are favorable.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss

PROA  (pro-a), noun. A nimble sailing vessel that enables you to adapt quickly to changing winds, for faster, easier and more consistent performance.

PROA Wealth Management specializes in the unique needs of high-net-worth investors. We monitor and take advantage of trends and will recommend alternative investment strategies if they present strong opportunities to preserve capital and mitigate risk. Independent and objective, with no affiliation with investment banks or proprietary products, we recommend only the best-in-class opportunities for our clients.

Ideal for individual investors, PROA offers the objective research, state-of-the art technology, innovative investment tools and exceptional support you expect—with the hands-on, one-to-one expertise you need.

Some investors choose to buy, hold and hope. Others are looking to strike it rich quick. PROA clients, however, focus on long-term objectives and are willing to make the necessary adjustments to get there. These individuals and families rely on PROA for sound financial advice and hands-on service. Over 85% of our clients have been with us for ten, fifteen, twenty years or longer for three simple reasons: knowledge, competence and objectivity.

Be proactive. Remain nimble. And chart a course toward financial freedom today.

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