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Investment and Trading Strategy

This is a generalized strategy which is then fined tuned to the client’s specific and unique Investment Objective, Risk, and Time Horizon:

  1. Build an Asset Allocated and Diversified Portfolio of 25 – 40 positions;

    Include Large, Mid and Small Capitalization securities.
    Allocate smaller resources to Mid and Small Cap.
    Selection is determined by Risk/Reward factors.

  2. Pool from which we will choose these securities will be:

    Dow 30
    S&P 100
    S&P 500
    S&P Mid Cap 400
    S&P Small Cap 600
    Developed International
    Emerging Markets
    Fixed Income
    Alternative Investments
    Other indices will be considered

  3. Allocate to Favorable Sector and Industries groups.

    Overweight Favorable sector/industry groups;
    Underweight or Eliminate weightings of Unfavorable/Underperforming sector/industry groups.

  4. Include Growth and Value Securities. Consider Factor Investing where appropriate.

  5. Initiate security positions that are Leading and/or Trending-Higher and/or have Positive Outlooks.

  6. Allocations to Fixed Income Securities are used to comply with the Portfolio’s Investment Objective and Goals and/or for Defensive or Tactical reasons.

  7. Alternative Securities are used where and when appropriate for defensive or tactical reasons.

No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

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