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PROA Wealth Management will be happy to provide a free Portfolio Review using the Portfolio Review Tool (PRT).

This is a holdings-based analytical tool that details a portfolio’s asset allocation. It is designed to provide the user with an immediate allocated representation of current or prospective portfolios in relations to the set of investment objectives. Through the use of charts and graphs the PRT will illustrate any holdings-based over-weights or under-weights. These over/under weights are determined based on a variety of different metrics including asset class, sector, and individual security characteristics. By specifically detailing the percentage and dollar amount by which the portfolio is over/under weight relative to the recommended model, the PRT helps the user easily identify the requisite changes to rebalance the portfolio.

An asset class breakdown lists the securities in the portfolio, by asset class, with security level data points such as: percentage each security represents, yield, and total annual income.

A sector breakdown separates securities according to S&P 500 (Global Industry Classification Sectors (GICS)) showing over/under weight by this measure. Additional statistics are provided: Price/Earnings to Growth (PEG) ratio, estimated annual income, Price/Earnings (P/E) ratio, current dividend yield ratio and beta.

The “Holdings Analysis” section depicts information about concentrated positions. The report highlights top five positions by percent market value. This overlap analysis can indicate over concentration.

Type-Specific information is provided to identify: current yield, inception date, alpha, beta, standard deviation, Sharpe Ratio, expense ratio, and manager tenure.

Fixed income data include: average coupon, duration, yield, and other.

This is an invaluable tool for any investor concerned about his portfolio’s money management, asset allocation and/or rebalancing.

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